ZDT 1.0.1 released

After a fresh installation of ZDT you might have seen an error “unable to find a valid user database…” due to Windows installer and Windows User Account Control (UAC).
Version 1.0.1 fixes this issue. As this affects only Windows, ZDT 1.0.1 is released only for Windows.
See bug report here.

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ZDT 1.0.0 released

I’ve released a new version of ZDT (1.0.0). I fixed some bugs and I think it’s much better than a beta version, hence v1.0.0.
Here are the changes to the previous version (v0.9.1):
* Improvement: Cedict plugin updated to v0.6.0 (CC-CEDICT release from 2013-05-03 having 106174 entries)
* Improvement: Hide “Play Sound” button in review mode when there is no sound file attached
* Improvement: Disable “Play Sound” button in Flashcard Notes view when there is no sound file attached
* Improvement: Changing the dictionary executes a search on the new chosen dictionary so that one can easily cycle through all dictionaries searching the same word(s). Fixes also the bug where a selected user entry could not be linked with the category editor since the user dictionary entry could not be found in the newly chosen dictionary.
* Bugfix: Pinyin may now contain apostrophes
* Bugfix: Notes were not always imported
* Bugfix: In review mode, internal error occurred during “Play sound”
* Bugfix: When going to next flashcard, Flashcard Notes view threw error when disposed
* Bugfix: Dictionary threw an error when closed or opened again
* Bugfix: Resuming flashcard session could throw an error
* Bugfix: Disable back button when first flashcard is shown on resuming session
* Bugfix: Drag & drop from dictionary to flashcard category didn’t work for some entries (i.e. ling/zero)
* Bugfix: Neutral tone was (wrongly) displayed and made drag & drop from dictionary to flashcard category impossible, logging error “is not a valid line”

The Windows version is being uploaded. Linux and Mac versions will follow in the same folder:

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please create a new thread in the forum for each new topic.

For bug reports please use sourceforge.


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ZDT 0.9.0b2 released

Hi folks,

Some days ago, I was told that ZDT v0.9.0b1 did not work on Mac OS-X.  As I don’t own an Mac, I borrowed one today so I could release a new version (0.9.0b2) which installs and works well on this platform (Mac OS-X 10.6.8 “Snow Leopard”).

Beside the bug fix, this version is identical to v0.9.0b1. Hence, v0.9.0b2 is released only for Mac OS-X.
It can be downloaded here:

Have fun :-)

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