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July 23rd, 2006

It’s been two and a half months and the new release of the ZDT has finally arrived. Lots of infrastructure has changed so there is no zdt updater to move from 0.4.8 to 0.5.0. Everyone will need to download the full release for their platform. Also one other important note for existing users is that your categories from previous versions will not automatically carry over to this new version. Before you uninstall the previous version of the ZDT, please use the Backup function (File -> Backup Data) and save the categories you’d like to keep. When you install 0.5.0, you can use the Restore Data function to get your categories and other data back.

Everyone can download the new release from here.


Dictionaries as plugins. By default the ZDT comes with the Cedict dictionary plugin. However, you can now drop in additional dictionaries (ie. Adso) and switch to it without rebooting the ZDT. There’s now the concept of a “current” dictionary which means for example that Dictionary searches will perform queries on the selected dictionary. Switch between dictionaries using (Ctrl-D) or by selecting one from the dictionary icon on the toolbar. The current dictionary is shown on the status bar.

Entries are completely editable. Previous versions of the ZDT made it somewhat difficult to make changes to an entries pinyin or definitions. The Add Entry (Ctrl-N) function has been reworked and an Edit Entry (Ctrl-E) has been added to allow users flexibility to make whatever customizations they like.

Smart filter reworked. The smart filter now allows more fine grained control by allowing specific rules to be enabled/disabled. For example, you can now use it to show only flashcards you’ve added that day. Or only show flashcards that you’ve only gotten a certain percentage correct.

SuperMemo and PlecoDict plugins built in. Instead of manually having to download these export formats, they are now included with the ZDT release.

Please see the changelog for all of the details.

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